Online Family Mediation

In an increasingly digital age, the use of technology can assist people in sorting out their differences without having to meet face to face. This type of mediation has been in use in some areas for some time, especially if one party is in another country.

For busy professionals, there is no travelling, parking costs or time away from the office. For a person with a disability, it is accessible, they can fully participate.
There may be safety issues or emotional concerns that make face to face mediation difficult.

There are several different platforms that can be used; Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom. You can even use face time on your phone.

Currently, online dispute resolution is not available for use where one of the parties is in receipt of legal aid unless there are exceptional circumstances. AIM has previously received approval on international cases and a case where one of the parties had a disability.

Please contact us to discuss this option further.