Janet is able to offer direct consultation with children.

Janet can speak directly to children to ascertain their views.

In many cases, the voice of the child(ren) must be heard, if appropriate to the child’s age and maturity. AIM Mediation offer the child or young person a safe and comfortable environment to talk about their feelings and wishes when looking to the future.

For children and young people, it is important that they are able to speak to an independent third party, whom they can feel comfortable with and trust to speak on their behalf.

Janet will be able to give these children an opportunity:

  • To have time to talk to help the child consider what they feel is best for them
  • To inform us of the issues they would wish their parents to consider
  • If agreed, to report back to the parents during the mediation process

We can also assist other mediation services and collaborative lawyers, where the voice of the child is to be heard within the process.

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